They ask for help to bring stranded Mexicans to Turkey

After the earthquake that affected Turkey this Monday, relatives of Luis Antonio Campos Uribe, originally from Morelos, ask the Mexican authorities to locate this young man and others who live in that country.

Campos Uribe was born in the community of Tilzapotla, in the municipality of Puente de Ixtla, and has lived in Istanbul, Turkey, for some time, where he works as a systems engineer.

The last time his mother, Martha Uribe Ocampo, managed to communicate with him, was this Sunday at 4:00 p.m. and mentioned that he was on the 16th floor of a hotel in Istanbul, but after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake he has not been able to contact him.

“I have no longer been able to contact him, we have insisted, both I and his brother, in various ways and nothing; We have also called the embassy and authorities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but they have not answered.

For this reason, Martha Urbe asked the Morelos and federal authorities to provide information on the compatriots and Morelos living in Turkey.

“I do not know how the situation is, I have tried to communicate with him and he does not answer me, I spoke to another son who lives in Miami and he also says that he tried to communicate and he does not know anything about my Tony, he told me that when I had some answer was going to tell me. The only thing I want is to know that he is okay, that all the authorities of Morelos and Mexico and the embassy that someone give me news about him.

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Mexican taekwondoines

Meanwhile, also in Puebla, relatives of Claudia Romero and Iván Torres -both originally from Tehuacán- ask the Mexican government for help to get them out of Turkey, along with the rest of the team.

“They are fine, a few hours ago he sent us a message and the whole team is fine, we don’t know if they are going to stay because of the situation that is happening, the event is over.”

An earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck early Monday morning in the southeastern provinces of Turkey and northern Syria.

The movement has been strongly felt in 14 countries, including Lebanon, Israel, Cyprus and Jordan. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck southeastern Turkey and Syria has caused the collapse of at least 405 buildings.

So far, more than 1,500 deaths have been recorded in Turkey, where the epicenter of the earthquake was recorded, according to the latest balance reported by the public catastrophe management body.

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