Two people are arrested with $33,000 in a Tijuana checkpoint

Two people were arrested for introducing $33,900 in cash into Mexican territory without declaring it to customs authorities at the El Chaparral border crossing in Tijuana.

The people were traveling in a vehicle that had been exempted from inspection while it was crossing the traffic light, but members of the National Guard warned that they did not have the license plate stickers from California.

The feds called them to a halt for a review.

After stopping, they were checked along with the car. The officers found a backpack with wads of bills and questioned the crew about the tax return.

But when they received no response, they insured the money, the car and the two people.

The arrest was carried out based on the provisions of Article IX of the Customs Law, which warns that introducing or extracting more than 10,000 dollars from the country without declaring it is a crime.

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