Victims of the 'dirty war' are summoned to give testimonies

He Mechanism for the Historical Clarification of human rights violations in the “dirty war” in Mexico, which occurred in the period 1965-1990, today presented a call for victims and their families, as well as former public officials, to present their testimony on the repression political and social who have lived at the hands of the Mexican government.

During a conference, three of the four commissioners of the Commission for Access to the Truth, Historical Clarification and the Promotion of Justice for Serious Human Rights Violations committed from 1965 to 1990 presented the call and recalled that their functions will end. on September 30, 2024, so they are working on a final report.

Until now, said Carlos Pérez Ricart, one of the commissioners, they have carried out work in the General Archive of the Nation (AGN) and the Historical Archive of the National Defense Secretariat, among others, but this work is incomplete if it does not include the victims or their families.

“It is very difficult that in the archives one can really feel the reality of what happened at a time. What we have come to announce today is the beginning of a long day of taking testimonies at the national level to the entire community of victims who want and can contribute their testimony for the Historical Clarification of what happened in that period”, said Pérez Ricart.

“Our call is open to the entire list of victims who have been subjected to issues of forced disappearance, extrajudicial execution, massacres, torture, forced internal displacement of arbitrary tension, prison for political reasons, exile, rapes against girls, boys and adolescents, sexual violence, sexual torture, violence , reproductive and military occupation of territories and the target population is broad and is, in general, victims of serious human rights violations but also family members and people related to the victims, people who testified or have relevant information about acts that violate human rights ”, he added.

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The Commission determined that they will also collect the testimonies of “persons who, in the exercise of their duties and functions, witnessed violations of human rights,” as well as “perpetrators or people who have worked in the police or the army and who can provide clues about serious violations of human rights.

It was also determined that the list of victims will also include people who, due to their political activism or gender dissidence, have been repressed by the government.

“We also call on people who, for exercising autonomy over their bodies and seeking an abortion, as well as performing or collaborating with abortive medical procedures, have been violated; people who have been violated for embodying social class, ethnic, racial, religious or gender prejudices than for carrying or having youthful cultural expressions or for participating in student social mobilizations,” added the commissioner.

The commissioners explained that the people who come forward to give their testimony will be interviewed in a professional manner and they will be the ones who decide what use the Commission can give to their story.

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