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    Salma Hayek has recently commented, through an interview with the GQ magazine UKthat Hollywood studios he was not allowed to star in comedies for almost 20 years. The motives? “It was too sexy for the genre.”

    Although today this reason seems taken from a bad joke, the actress affirmed that she had to wait until Adam Sandler gave her one of these roles (after her 40 years of age).

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    It is true that Hayek had participated in romantic comedies such as ‘Only fools fall in love’, alongside Matthew Perry, in 1997; or in ‘An unfinished love’, with Russell Crowe. However, It wasn’t until 2010, with her role in ‘Niños Grandes’, that the interpreter was able to star in a traditional comedy (without the romantic component involved)..

    They pigeonholed me for a long time,” he affirmed. “All my life I had wanted to do comedy and they didn’t give me the roles. I couldn’t pull off a character like that until Adam Sandler cast me in a comedy. And I was already past my 40 years!”

    “They’d tell me, ‘You’re too sexy. You can’t have a sense of humor.’ They not only didn’t let you be smart, they didn’t let you be funny in the ’90s either,“said the actress to G.Q..

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    At the time, it seemed sad to me. Now I can do all genresat a point in my life when I had been told that I would no longer work. So, I’m not sad, and I’m not angry either. I’m laughing.”

    Now, with her movie ‘Magic Mike: The Last Dance’ just around the corner, the actress once again delves into the romantic genre. This will be the last film in the ‘Magic Mike’ franchise, in which Hayek will play a love interest of Channing Tatum. Maxandra Mendoza, will work with Mike to develop a magazine for strippers masculine.

    “More than a film about an older woman falling in love with a young boy, It’s a film about a middle-aged woman, with a lot of potential, who is tired of being looked down on all her life,” the actress stated about the film, in the same interview.

    Actor and writer specialized in film criticism, graduated from the Carlos III University of Madrid, the Estudio Corazza for the actor and the ECAM.

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