'Without evidence', testimony on bribery by García Luna to 'El Universal', answers daily

The newspaper The universal assured that the accusation by Héctor Villarreal, former Finance Secretary of Coahuila, regarding alleged bribes to the newspaper by Genaro García Luna, is an accusation without evidence, in addition to the fact that the dates of the narration do not coincide with reality.

The former Finance Secretary testified in the trial against García Luna in the United States, that he paid 25 million pesos a month in bribes to The universal.

Furthermore, according to his testimony, García Luna asked Humberto Moreira for help, governor of Coahuila from 2005 to 2011, to approach the newspaper and thus have a favorable coverage before the rumors that he had been kidnapped by members of organized crime.

Throughout his testimony, the former official confirmed that he himself operated the financial scheme to obtain the resources for these bribes.

The witness presented an invoice from the Ministry of Finance and The universal, dated in 2009, for an alleged campaign to rescue tourism worth 11 million pesos.

According to the newspaper, Villarreal assured that in 2008 García Luna, Moreira and he visited the Federal Police bunker and there the former security secretary showed them how the Pegasus spyware works. However, he points The universal, the bunker was inaugurated on November 24, 2009.

Also, according to the newspaper, Pegasus was created in 2010 and began to be commercialized in 2011three years after the supposed meeting in El Búnker.

Regarding the invoice presented by Villarreal, The universal returned to the defense arguments of García Luna, who disqualified the credibility of the witness by showing that he seeks to obtain benefits with his testimony.

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“[Villarreal] recognized that it could help your judgmentin addition to obtaining a visa, which, the defense indicated, shows the little credibility of the witness,” he published. The universal. “Villarreal, who could be deported to Mexico, seeks that US grant him asylum“, said.

The former treasurer of Coahuila is accused of conspire to launder money.

Moreira denies relationship with García Luna

The former governor of Coahuila, Humberto Moreira, denied a close relationship with Genaro García Luna and having participated in the crimes that his finance secretary, Héctor Villarreal, testified.

In a letter posted on social networks, Moreira said that during his tenure as governor refused to work with the Calderón government and the Secretary of Security.

Said He only spoke three times with García Luna and in one of them they ended up in a “heavy discussion, hurling serious verbal insults at us.”

Therefore, he denied that García Luna had offered to buy the Pegasus system and that he had served as intermediary to contact the owner of The universal.

(With information from Brandon Celaya and Aristegui News)


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