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‘John Wick’ came to the big screen back in 2014. Since that first installment, with each new movie of the murderer known as Baba Yaga, more and more people are getting into ‘Matrix’ star Keanu Reeves’ brand new action vehicle.

Chad Stahelski, who has been in charge of commanding the saga from the beginning, says he is proud to have found “a formula that works” with ‘John Wick’. However, in a new interview for Empirethe director confesses that he is overwhelmed by the change in direction that the saga has taken as it has grown bigger and bigger: “It’s a little scary after three movies […] But you have to put care aside and say… fuck it, we’re not going to repeat the same thing.”commented Stahelski.

This “formula” change that the director points out will branch out the plots in ‘John Wick 4’. That is stories will be developed based on secondary charactersnot only about the figure of Wick as it happens in the three previous installments: “Now, in the fourth film, we have several plots”clarified the director while commenting on his final feeling with the project: “The movie is different, it feels more epic”.

Nine years after the first of the films, this change of direction is a risky jump, but one that can take the saga on the right track. Despite the fact that the fourth installment, devised together with the writers Michael Finch (‘Predators’) and Shay Hatten (‘Rebel Moon’), will make Reeves share the spotlight with other characters, that does not mean that we will have less action by the protagonist’s hand. Reeves himself revealed it in an interview with total films: “‘John Wick 4’ has the most action of any John Wick movie, which is saying something”.

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the new villain

The Marquis de Gramont, with French feudal nickname the “ruthlessly ambitious” The new villain is described by his interpreter, the star of ‘It’, Bill Skarsgård also for Total Film. Skarsgård revealed some of the data surrounding his character who represents the high officials of the High Table, promising that this antagonist will be different from the rest by being the brain its strongest muscle: “I’ve always seen my character as coming from the bottom and now she’s relishing the resplendent outfits she’s wearing”. And adds: “Act as the new sheriff, determined to get rid of John Wick once and for all”.

The Marquis de Gramont will be the new, but not the only villain in ‘John Wick 4’. In principle, the March 24 will hit theatersJoining Reeves and Skarsgård will be Donnie Yen, Hiroyuki Sanada, Natalia Tena, Shamier Anderso, Cancy Brown, Scott Adkins and Rina Sawayama.

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