Creel and Mier give each other a legislative hug and close impeachment attempt

The majority of Morena desisted from the attempt to remove PAN member Santiago Creel as president of the Chamber of Deputies, after the debate that was opened for not allowing access to the plenary session of armed soldiers.

The Political Coordination Board met this Thursday afternoon to discuss the matter.

The agreement was closed with a press conference in which Ignacio Mier, coordinator of the majority of Morena, and Creel embraced.

Creel said it’s a ‘Legislative-parliamentary camp‘ and that from now on they will seek greater coordination for this type of act. He made reference to the historic Acatempan embrace between Agustín de Iturbide and Vicente Guerrero (formerly enemies), during the Mexican independence process.

The parliamentary groups of the PT and the Green Party gave up supporting any pronouncement to remove Santiago Creel from office.

To achieve his removal, a qualified majority vote was needed, which is not available to Morena and his allies.

During the previous meeting it was agreed that “unity will be guaranteed in the Chamber of Deputies, respecting differences.”

They also concluded that coordination between the Board of Directors and the Political Coordination Board must be maintained and disagreements resolved through parliamentary practice.

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