Senate heard INE's concern about 'Plan B', but there will be no changes: Monreal

Officials from the National Electoral Institute (INE) went to the Senate of the Republic to express their concern about the impacts of ‘Plan B’ of the electoral reform.

Ricardo Monreal, leader of the majority of Morena, said that it was made clear to them that the opinion reviewed by the Senate commissions cannot be modified.

“They know and we know that the legislative process to conclude only covers one article, article 12, and we all know that nobody can alter that.”

The upper house only has to debate one article of the reform package, while the changes to the remaining laws have already passed the entire legislative process and entered into force.

The meeting was attended by INE counselors and technical staff.

Monreal said that it was a friendly meeting”, with concerns from the INE technicians, about the future of the elections or their processes and organization.

Commissions could meet next week to begin debating the article, which contains the so-called eternal life clause for political parties.


The President of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, denied that he is going to seek any public office when he leaves the electoral referee.

“I do not want to, first point, nor should I, second point, because if I aspired to a popularly elected position, I would agree with those who have been lying for years saying that the work of the INE is to position ourselves or aspire to public office. . (…) We are not the same. And thirdly, neither can I, because the Constitution is very clear”.

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