World War II bomb unexpectedly detonates in England |  Videos

The unexpected detonation of a bomb Second World War that bomb squads were trying to deactivate in the west of England caused a huge explosion on Friday that could be heard several kilometers away, reported the Norfolk County Police, who did not report any injuries.

“It was not a planned detonation,” said the security forces, who stressed that all the members of the Army and the emergency services that were in the place are “located”.

The artifact, which had been found on Tuesday near the mouth of the Yare River, “exploded shortly after dismantling work began”Norfolk Assistant Police Chief Nick Davison said.

The bomb was discovered by one of the workers who are building a bridge in that area.

Before the artificers began to manipulate the object, one meter long and 250 kilos in weight, a protective wall with sand had been built as a security measure.

“Our strategy was the safest option. However, there is always the risk of an inadvertent detonation“Added the police command.

“Fortunately, all staff are located and agencies are beginning to assess the damage to the river wall,” Davison said. (EFE)

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