Neil Patrick Harris and Andrew Scott

A few years ago, Netflix was famous for rescuing series that were canceled by others. However, her reputation has turned 180% and now she is the one who has the reputation of being the one that cancels the most series without giving them time to grow and find their audience (to speak of what is happening with shared accounts , clear). One of its most recent cancellations was ‘Mismatched’, a romantic comedy from ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Emily in Paris’ creator Darren Star, which stars Neil Patrick Harris, and received the ax blow after a single season last January.

Following the cancellation, Star and co-creator Jeffrey Richman began the search to find a new home for her and it has paid off. ‘Unpaired’ is officially canceled thanks to Showtime, which has stayed with the project to give it a second season and possibly continue it beyondas revealed exclusively Deadline. It should be noted that, despite premiering on Netflix, ‘Desparejado’ is a production of MTV Entertainment Studios, a subsidiary of Paramount Global, which in turn owns Showtime, so the move makes a lot of sense.

At the moment, Paramount is in the midst of an internal restructuring process, similar to the one that Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max are going through, in which it seems determined to focus on its most popular franchises, such as ‘Dexter’ or ‘Billions’. Soon, Showtime (HBO’s main competition in the television market) will merge with Paramount+ in North America and the streaming service will be renamed Paramount+ with Showtime. This resulted in the cancellation of several series, such as ‘American Gigolo’ or ‘Let the Right One In’, and the disappearance of a handful of titles from its catalogue, already completed or cancelled, such as ‘Become God in Florida’ or ‘kidding’. For now there is no news about the arrival of the second season of ‘Desparejado’ in Spainbut it could end up on SkyShowtime, a new streaming service that will bring together content from Universal and Paramount, and which, initially, is expected for this month.

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Tom Ripley keeps traveling

In this dance of series, cancellations and rescues, Showtime has decided to do without another project, in this case before its premiere. This is ‘Ripley’, the new serial adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novels centered on the character of Tom Ripley, who is played on this occasion by Andrew Scott (‘Fleabag’). According to The Hollywood Reporterthe series led by Steven Zaillian and co-starring Dakota Fanning makes the leap from Showtime to (attention) Netflix, which retains the rights to release it. The details of the agreement are being outlined at the moment and it is not yet known when the series, which has been in development since 2019, will arrive on the platform.

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