Puppies for adoption will face the XIX Puppy Bowl!

These are the fierce players of the puppy Bowl of this 2023.

More than 100 puppies from the United States and the Caribbean prepared for the 19th edition of this dog event that will be broadcast this Super Bowl Sunday.

This year, Animal Planet worked with 67 refuges from 34 states and the Caribbean island of Dominica.

Actor Dan Schachner will referee the pups for the 12th year.

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“Our cub players, they’re going to park the team bus in the ‘barking’ lot, they’re going to get off the truck, will roll down the red carpet, there will be plenty of space for the ‘puparazzi’ to take their photos, They will enter the tunnel. That will take you directly, of course, to the main stage, to the field.”

The Puppy Bowl had fun renaming some of the tenderloins.

“They have Tom Brady, we have Tom Barky; they have Jalen Hurts, we have Taillon Hurts. And of course they have Josh Allen, and we have Josh Allen Hounds,” Schachner said.

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There will be tenderloins with special needs

In addition, this year the Puppy Bowl will feature the largest number of dogs with special needs in history.

We have dogs that have lost a leg or are deaf, but the point is that they are on set to show them that they can play just as well as any other dog. In fact, some do much better.

Raise awareness about animal adoption

The annual pup party serves to Raise awareness about animal adoption.

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All participating athletes are dogs waiting to be adopted

Puppy Bowl will simulcast on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, TBS, Discovery+ and HBO Max this Sunday. (Reuters)


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