Goya Awards 2023: The Campari and Frames Quiz Show

What movie would you have liked to star in? Which do you recommend knowing that they will never be wrong? Which actor or actress would you choose to play in your biopic? This year, Fotogramas and Campari wanted to challenge the stars of the 2023 Goya Awards to a movie-going Quiz Show with only one condition: one minute to answer as many questions as possible.

A fun experience that, accompanied by the Campari Negroni cinema cocktails specially created by Campari for this #CinemaNight, has helped us get to know performers like Juana Acosta, Álvaro Cervantes, Elena Furiase, Álvaro Morte, Macarena Gómez, Arturo Valls, Cristina Castaño, Pol Monen or Lucía Guerrero.

From Willy Fog to ‘Gone with the Wind’

Did you know that The Professor of ‘La casa de papel’ dreamed of being the heartthrob of ‘Gone with the Wind’? Or that the best filming of Álvaro Cervantes’ career was that of ‘The Hanged Man’? And if we tell you that the film that most excites Arturo Valls is ‘ET The Extraterrestrial’? Or that Juan Acosta goes crazy with the soundtrack of ‘La gran belleza’ by Sorrentino? Who would go around the world with Joan of Arc?

Don’t miss the video with the funniest, most moviegoing and surprising answers. Will you join us on this trip?

Digital director of Fotogramas.es and the living Spaniard who has seen and sees more Spanish cinema.


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