penn badgley, you, season 4

    The showrunner of ‘You’, Sera Gamble, has spoken about the future of the series, after “closing the character arc of Joe”.

    Speaking on the podcast The Hollywood Reporterwith Lesley Goldberg and Daniel Fienberg, Gamble commented that he would like to close the arc of the serial killer, Joe, with some kind of justice, if he dies or leaves the series.

    Recalling conversations between her, the series’ co-creator, Greg Berlanti, and the lead, Penn Badgley, Gamble said that they had already figured out that it would be “nice” for Joe to get his comeuppance one way or another.


    What we’re talking about is closing out his character arc with some kind of justice.

    According to Gamble, characters like Joe rarely face justice, so they’ve run into challenges in deciding how to punish him for all his misdeeds.

    Guys like this don’t usually get put to death by the world,” Gamble said. “It’s a complication in developing the script. How will Joe Goldberg fall, after years of beating people up in broad daylight? On top of that he is handsome! He always gets away with it.”

    penn badgley, you, season 4


    The real question we ask ourselves in the writing room is: what is justice in reality? What would be the most harmful thing?

    Despite the fact that Gamble has not wanted to share much more information, the trailer for season 4 anticipated the end of Joe a bit. The first part of this new batch is now available on Netflix, so it won’t take us long to find out what will happen with it.

    The second part will be released in March, closing Joe’s adventure in London, and his destiny facing the ‘Matarricos’. Will Joe get what he deserves or will he somehow redeem himself?

    The first three seasons of ‘You’ are available on streaming on Netflix. The second part of season 4 will premiere on March 9 on the platform.

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