He beats a policewoman, steals a patrol car and is shot down in Sonora

A man who hit a policewoman and stole her car along with a charge weapon, was killed after attacking other police officers who were looking for him for participating in a fight and assaulting his colleague.

The events occurred in San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, on Calle 22 and Avenida Libertad, confirmed the Municipal Public Security Directorate.

In a statement, the agency said that a man who has not been identified was killed after he opened fire on officers with a long firearm, which he previously snatched from the assaulted officer.

Initially, a fight occurred between several men and the agent came to attend to the event, but was beaten by a subject who later took his patrol car and the weapon.

With the arrival of other support units, a chase began, but the assailant fired at them with the charge weapon after it collided with another vehicle, and was shot down on the spot.

After that, two women who were traveling in the other vehicle were treated, but no damage was reported to regret, although they suffered a nervous breakdown.

The Municipal Public Security Directorate will make available to the Sonora State Attorney General’s Office the evidence that may be necessary to clarify the case.


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