AMLO will deliver lithium reserves to Sener, advances deputy

The Mexican lithium reserves will be granted to the Secretary of Energy (Sener) of Mexico by decree of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, after their nationalization, revealed Thursday the deputy Raymundo Atanacio.

“Without a doubt, congratulate and recognize the work of our president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who in the coming days will sign the decree to deliver the lithium reserves to the Ministry of Energy, since lithium is a mineral of high value for development of clean technologies”, he commented at a press conference.

Since April 2022, the Mexican government made the public utility of lithium official after a series of reforms approved by the chambers of Congress and through which it is established that no concessions, licenses, contracts, permits or authorizations will be granted in the matter.

In addition, it constitutes the creation of the state company, Lithium for Mexico (LitioMx), operated by the Mexican Ministry of Energy, which was formally established in August following a decree signed by President López Obrador.

The deputy stressed that in the near future the world will move with lithium, which is why it has been considered “white gold”, which benefits Mexico by having one of the largest deposits of this mineral in the world.

He said that this deposit is located in the Mexican state of Sonora, northwest of the country, where it will also be located. LitioMx, operated by Senerand has proven and probable reserves of 243.8 million tons and an estimated production capacity of up to 17,500 tons per year.

“This chemical element is currently called white gold or oil of the future, since it is used for new technologies, the aeronautical industry, the cell phone industry and all kinds of batteries, as well as for electric cars, medicines among others,” he said.

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He also spoke in favor of the proposal of his counterpart and president of the Senate, Alejandro Armenta, who has proposed a fund to pay the country’s external debt, based on the resources obtained from the exploitation of lithium.

Atanacio pointed out that currently, the participation of foreign firms in mining in Mexico is greater than two thirds of the total, with Canadian companies leading with 74 percent of the total, followed by those of the United States (15 percent). %), China (3%), Australia (2%) and Japan (2%).

However, he assured that “lithium belongs to the Mexicans, and we are going to defend it.”

“Foreign investment is welcome, but for them to develop technologies, for them to invest, that they do not pay us with crumbs, because with these important property investments, such as lithium, we can pay the external debt and not take lithium as if it were river sand”, he concluded. EFE

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