This is the world of Mario Bros at Universal Studios |  Videos and photos

The Universal Studios Hollywood amusement park inaugurated this Friday “Super Nintendo World”, a section inspired by the video game character Mario Bros.

The little plumber popularized in the 80s by Nintendo is the protagonist of an immersive experience that aims to immerse its attendees in the Mushroom Kingdom, the main kingdom in the saga, which for years has only been enjoyed virtually.

“There are no rules, the park is made for exploration and works like a video game,” said Jon Corfino, creative director of Universal Studios Hollywood, in a meeting with the media.

The project arises from the association of Nintendo with Universal Creative and the concept has already been transferred to the parks of Universal Studios in Florida (USA) and Japan, which will be inaugurated later.

The park’s main attraction is a game inspired by the popular video game Mario Kart, in which four people board bumper cars, but live the game experience through helmets where competitors and turtle shells are shown to get them out. track.

There is also a game inspired by Bowser Jr., son of Bowser, the main rival of Mario and Luigi, among others.

Attendees will be able to help Princess Peach recover her “golden mushroom”, live the racing experience of “Mario Kart” driving a car that mixes mapping technology with physical settings, as well as get up close to the iconic characters of the japanese franchise.

Through the “Power Up Band”, a thematic bracelet, participants will be able to connect to a mobile application in which they will accumulate points and coins, as Mario did on the screen, and compete with other players.

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In addition, this same bracelet will work in the offices of Japan and Florida (EU).

According to Corfino, the project was developed in almost ten years by the creator of Mario Bros., Shigeru Miyamoto.

“Absolutely everything that is here went through Miyamoto’s approval, he is an extremely creative and kind person,” Corfino told EFE, noting that the video game designer constantly visited the park to perfect each of the details.

Although the opening of the Nintendo themed section coincides with the year of release of the film “Super Mario Bros. Movie”, the inspiration of the park is independent of the story that the film raises.

The place also has a themed food restaurant and before the opening to the general public “Super Nintendo World” received artists such as Chris Pratt, Brie Larson, Jaime Camil, AngĂ©lica Vale, among other celebrities, in a special event.

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