SCJN turns to Pérez Dayán first appeals against the electoral 'Plan B'

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) turned the minister Alberto Perez Dayan the first appeals against the first part of the package of legislative reforms in electoral matters, known as ‘Plan B’.

This is how the newspaper announced this Sunday morning Reformwhich ensures that it is the unconstitutionality actions submitted by opposition parties and opposition legislators to the highest court.

The newspaper indicates that there are five demands on the modifications to the General Law of Social Communication and the General Law of Administrative Responsibilitiespromoted by the federal government and approved by Morena and allies in December 2022.

These laws redefine the concept of “government propaganda” and extend the limits of public servants in terms of their freedom of expression.

These are the actions presented by the PRD, PAN and PRI independently (files 29, 30 and 31, respectively), as well as the action presented by the legislators of the three parties (file 37) and one more signed by the senators of Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) and the Plural Group.

“The accumulation of this file is ordered to the aforementioned means of control of constitutionality and turn to the corresponding ministerhaving been designated an instructor in the aforementioned matters, ”says the SCJN agreement.

For its part, the newspaper The universal publishes this Sunday that up to now, the SCJN has received 47 actions of unconstitutionality and 31 controversies constitutional against this legislative package.

According to the count of the capital newspaper, Minister Alberto Pérez Dayán was turned over seven actions of unconstitutionality and 18 controversies.

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Point out that it is not an admission agreement, but of procedure and turn to the investigating minister and which was published a few days ago on the court notification list.

It emphasizes that in addition to National Electoral Institute (INE), Municipalities of the states of Chihuahua, Sonora, Coahuila, Durango, Michoacán, Guerrero, State of Mexico, Querétaro, Campeche and Yucatán filed constitutional disputes over the so-called ‘Plan B’.

In the next few days the minister Pérez Dayán must determine if he admits or rejects the resources presented.

In the case of the legislators of the ‘Va por México’ coalition, made up of PRI, PAN and PRD, the unconstitutionality action seeks the declaration of invalidity of the changes to the two aforementioned laws, “for the violation of constitutional principles and provisions.”

The coordinators of the three parties in San Lázaro assured that the reforms lack equity in the electoral processes, since they they allow public servants to pronounce themselves in favor of a specific candidate.

In addition, they state that they threaten transparency in accountability, because now public servants will be able to present their reports at the time they decide, even during an electoral process.

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