Meet 'X', the Spotify DJ with artificial intelligence

would you leave music selection in the hands of a DJ powered by artificial intelligence?

If something characterizes Spotify, it is its level of user customization. However, the streaming platform is going for more.

Despite already having various tools that allow a unique musical immersion for each catalogue, Spotify introduced ‘X’, your new DJ that works from artificial intelligence.

The platform ensures that ‘X’ is a computerized song selector with a “surprisingly realistic voice” that queues music according to the musical tastes and listening history of each user.

All the user will have to do is open the application and select ‘dj card’then you will hear the voice of ‘X’, who will greet you and start the experience.

The beta version of DJ will be released in English starting Wednesday for users of Spotify Premium in the US and Canada.

X is named after Xavier Jerniganhead of cultural associations and Spotify presenter, who provided his own voice for the AI ​​to model.

Jernigan worked with the team to get the DJ to be as accurate as possible about his vocabulary and speech patterns, and the result is amazing.

Based on your music taste profile, the Spotify DJ will search for new releases that he predicts you’ll like or resurface songs you’ve played on repeat in the past.

The feature also constantly updates the lineup based on your feedback. If you are not in the playlist that the DJ is playing, you can click the “DJ” button to go to the playlist. next genre or mood.

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