you penn badgley as joe goldberg in episode 401 of you cr courtesy of netflix © 2022

    ‘You’ premiered the first part of its fourth season on Netflix on February 9. With only 5 chapters of the new adventures of Joe Goldberg (this time, in London), We have already been able to see numerous changes compared to its previous batches of episodes. At least when it comes to murder.

    The second part of this new season is scheduled to premiere on March 9, so its secrets are still hidden under the insurmountable control of Netflix.

    As every ‘You’ fan will know, the original story of the series arose from the saga of novels written by Caroline Kepnes.. However, throughout the series, some aspects have drifted away from the books and found their own way on screen.


    In this new batch, we see a Joe we didn’t know until now. His abilities to escape his crimes without a trace will now serve him to try to hunt down a dangerous murderer who is on the loose.

    This criminal is called “Matarricos” becauseas is evident from his nickname, his murders take place among the London elite. The victims belong to a select group of individuals that Joe has ended up being part of (it’s also coincidence…). Goldberg was fleeing the United States, at the end of season 3, to protect herself from his murderous instincts. However, he has stumbled upon a bloodthirsty criminal across the pond.

    But, is this killer a real criminal? Has the character been inspired by a maniac who has existed in London in the past? It could be that yes. There are at least 3 famous criminals who share some of his traits with the dangerous ‘Matarricos’.

    you penn badgley as joe goldberg in episode 401 of you cr courtesy of netflix © 2022



    The new content of ‘You’ resembles a classic Agatha Christie detective novel. In fact, Joe himself is inspired by this type of literature to try to capture the ‘Matarricos’. That the story takes place in England is no coincidence. What better context than this, for a mystery of such characteristics?

    The creator of the series, Sera Gambler, spoke to Entertainment Weekly last year, about the inspiration they had for this new adventure. As well as the advantage that the location gave them:

    “Maybe, London’s first famous serial killer was ‘Jack the Ripper’. In the wake of him, we started talking about following a classic ‘Who’s the killer?’ structure, like the one you can see in ‘Sherlock Holmes’ or in Agatha Christie…”

    you penn badgley as joe goldberg in episode 401 of you cr courtesy of netflix © 2022


    ‘Jack the Ripper’ was a world-renowned murderer, precisely because of his anonymity. This fictitious name was given to a person (it is still unknown if he was a man or a woman), who killed numerous prostitutes on the streets of London, at the end of the 19th century. Acting in the loneliness and darkness of the foggy London nights, this serial killer served as the first link in the construction of the ‘Rich Killer’.

    you penn badgley as joe goldberg in episode 402 of you cr courtesy of netflix © 2022


    The second criminal who can be associated as an inspiration is John George Haigh.known as the “Acid Bath Killer”. This British man, convicted during the 1940s, was a serial killer whose victims belonged to high levels of English society. Living in a luxury hotel, the criminal befriended the elite by pretending to be a successful businessman. When he gained his trust (thanks to his good manners and refined culture), he managed to gain control of their finances and was done with them. To dispose of the bodies, he dissolved them in sulfuric acid (hence his name).

    Rhys (the ‘Rich Slayer’) does not have the same procedure with the lifeless bodies of his friends, but he does shares the component of the assassination of the elite and the use of those deaths for their own benefit (as we told in the “Final Explained of Season 4 of ‘YOU'”).

    you l to r ed speleers as rhys, penn badgley as joe in episode 402 of you cr courtesy of netflix © 2022


    Finally, another English criminal who may have inspired some of the scenes in the new season is John Martin Scripps. This individual, who died sentenced by the laws of Singapore (country in which he committed his latest atrocities), He also took advantage of his objectives financially. In his case, he was posing as a tourist abroad and he convinced other wealthy travelers to help him. When they offered him shelter, he would attack them with a “TASER” and take their belongings.

    Besides, the man had developed skills to fragment the body of the victims, after their stays in prison (mainly for thefts), throughout his life. [Recordemos a Joe troceando a Malcolm en el primer episodio de la temporada…]. After doing this, he disposed of them.

    you l to r aidan cheng as simon soo, penn badgley as joe goldberg in episode 402 of you cr courtesy of netflix © 2022


    Now, with the new episodes just around the corner, and with the identity of the ‘Matarricos’ revealed in the last of the episodes of the first part, we can only wait to find out what will happen to Joe Goldberg and his new private stalker. . Will she be able to finish him off once and for all? Will Joe end up in prison paying for all of his crimes? The countdown has begun…

    All seasons of ‘You’ are available on streaming on Netflix.

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