Chamber will review TEPJF ruling for INE renewal: Wednesday

After the Electoral Tribunal determined that the National Electoral Institute (INE) must have a female president, to seek full gender equality, the president of the Political Coordination Board of the Chamber of Deputies (Jucopo), Ignacio Mierinformed that they will continue with the selection process as established, since they have not yet been formally notified.

“The Jucopo cannot yet pronounce itself, it must know the substance of the sentence, we do not want to speculate until the legal area, Board of Directors and commissions have knowledge,” Mier declared at a press conference.

The coordinator of Morena in the lower house also explained that today the first stage expires for the selection of the four electoral advisers who will replace Cyrus MurayamaJosé Roberto Ruiz, Adriana Favela and Lorenzo Cordova.

It was during the plenary session of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary this Wednesday when it was decided to modify the call issued by the Chamber of Deputies for the process of electing four directors.

Now, the list for the presidency of the INE must be made up only of women and at least two of the four new appointments must be for women.

During his morning press conference this Thursday, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He celebrated that the next president of the INE is going to be a woman, since he affirmed that they are more honest and responsible.

“Women tend to be more honest, more responsible, fairer than men,” he declared this Thursday morning. “They are a guarantee,” he added.

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The president reiterated that the inclusion of women in public office is not only due to gender issues, “but because they contribute a lot.” However, he clarified that Congress and the council of the INE they will have to decide who will be the successor to the current president, Lorenzo Córdova.

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