Morena displays a banner against the PAN after the sentence of García Luna

During the solemn session in the Chamber of Deputies for International Mother Language Day, deputies from Morena showed a blanket with the legend “GUILTY” after sentencing of the former Secretary of Public Security, Genaro Garcia Luna who this Wednesday was found guilty of drug trafficking and organized crime.

The blanket was suspended at the top of the legislative compound, while in the background shouts of Morenista deputies such as “Borolas did know” and even “And Margarita too”in reference to his wife, also a deputy Margarita Zavala, according to The universal.

In the tribune the Deputy Maria del Rosario Reyes Silva blamed the bakers to promote a drug government in the government of Felipe Calderonaccording to the medium.

“History has proven us right, Felipe Calderón and García Luna led organized crime in our country, today no one doubts that both betrayed Mexico.

“Whathat it be understood in all the languages ​​that Felipe Calderón did know, and he will end up like García Luna behind bars, López Obrador said from this rostrum on the day of his impeachment ‘the only thing left is for history to judge you and me,’ and the time has come for the right,” Reyes Silva asserted.

Due to this situation, the presidency of the Board of Directors canceled the ordinary session of this Thursday and summoned the legislators for next Tuesday, February 28.

Genaro García Luna is guilty of all five charges

On February 21, the former Mexican Secretary of Public Security Genaro García Luna was found guilty on Tuesday of drug trafficking in the Federal Court for the Eastern District of New York, for which he could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

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After deliberation, the twelve members of the jury have found him guilty of five counts of unanimity.

Genaro Garcia Luna, 54 years old, has been found guilty of participating in the direction of a criminal enterprise whose activity continues to this day; conspiracy to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine; conspiracy to distribute and possess 5 kilograms or more of cocaine with intent to distribute in the United States, and conspiracy to import the same or more.

The fifth crime was that of giving false testimony to the US authorities when you applied for citizenship.

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