This is how the Chinese 'spy' balloon looked from a fighter while flying over the US |  Photos

The Pentagon published on Wednesday a photo taken at Chinese ‘spy’ balloon that the United States shot down earlier this month after crossing its territory.

The snapshot was taken on February 3, one day before the balloon was shot down off the waters of South Carolina, after spending days flying over the continental United States.

The photo is taken from above, since the fighter flew above the globeand in it you can see the shadow of the plane on the artifact.

The pilot took the photograph from the cockpit of the fighter when the balloon was somewhere in the center of the United States.

The photo had been broadcast in the last hours by the television network CNN and a website called Dragon Lady Today, whose name refers to the nickname given to American U-2 fighters.

In fact, the deputy spokesperson for the US Department of Defense, Sabrina Singh, had been asked at her press conference about the authenticity of the snapshot published by Dragon Lady Today and I had pointed out that it is real.

The Chinese ‘spy’ balloon was located in late January in US airspace and shot down over Atlantic waters on February 4. It had been flying over several areas of the country for days, such as the state of Montana (northwest), where one of the three existing nuclear missile silo fields in the United States is located.

Beijing said the balloon entered US airspace at mistakenly deviate from its trajectory and claimed that it was used for meteorological purposes, not espionage, which was rejected by Washington.

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Besides the globe, The United States has shot down three other objects this month flying in its territory and Canada, whose origin is being investigated by the US and Canadian authorities.

The discovery of the Chinese ‘spy’ balloon has reignited tensions between the US and China, and came to cause the suspension of a trip to Beijing that the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, had planned to make. (EFE)

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