Ebrard releases a version of Bellakath's 'Gatita' and then deletes it |  Video

Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Relations and candidate for the presidential candidacy for Morena for 2024, is also known for the content he publishes on social networks, particularly on TikTok.

This time, the chancellor decided to make a remix of “The Oriental Farm Cat” by Bellakata song that had positioned itself as the most listened to song on Spotify in Mexico and reached number 85 internationally.

In the video that he posted on TikTok accompanied by the phrase “They have already entered the remix, how do you see?”, Ebrard appears putting headphones in his ears and listening to a version of the single with his name.

“I am following Marcelo with the whole band, he is my carnal”, repeats the song to the same rhythm as Bellakat.

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After the chorus adapted for the Foreign Secretary, he is heard saying “Oh no, now I’ll have her all day.”

It didn’t take long for comments to accumulate within the TikTok post, with several users claiming to have the remix inside their heads for hours.

However, hours later the video was removed from his profile. So far the reason is unknown.

Aristegui News recovered the video and it can be seen right here.

“The Oriental Farm Cat” by Bellakat

Bellakat’s song, colloquially known as “Gatita”, has been a topic of conversation within the music community for having been flagged as plagiarism by someone anonymously. The complaint caused such controversy that Spotify decided to remove the theme from its platform.

In a video shared on her Instagram account last December, Katherine Huerta assured that this claim it’s a robbery Well, she is the original author of the song together with music producer Alexito Mix.

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Users on social networks have noted that “Kitten” it may be plagiarism of a song published since 2012. The single in question is called “The bone of my dog” and is played by Sou D AK ft LittleKey.

Internet users point out that the rhythmic composition of “Gatita” is the same as the song that came ten years before. Similarly, the lyrics show thematic similarities.

You can see the 2010 version of “The Oriental Agricultural Cat” and Bellakath’s here:


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