They belonged to the narco-state attending the march by the INE: AMLO

He President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pointed out to the attendees of the demonstration against the electoral reform of being defenders of frauds and belong to drug state, while presenting a list of the main politicians who called for the march.

“They have been, as I said, defenders of electoral fraud, they have been part of the corruption in Mexico, they have belonged to the narco-state, which, as has become clear with the García Luna affair, prevailed for two six-year terms,” ​​he accused this Monday during the morning press conference at the National Palace.

The president criticized the slogan of the mobilization “The INE is not touched” and lashed out at him PRI and the PAN. He added that these parties seek to continue the “dominance of an oligarchy” and maintained that “they don’t care about the people.” He added that the march last Sunday sought to confront his government “because they do not want the transformation of the country.”

“Corruption is not touched, according to them; privileges are not touched; the narco-state is not touched, ”he declared. “Before there was a lot of simulation. Beginning because they deceived that the PRI and the PAN were different and now we know that it is not so. They already walk together holding hands, ”he added.

López Obrador maintained that the influx of the congregation was between 80,000 and 100,000 people in the Mexico City. However, he maintained that they were “very small for what the conservative potential in Mexico represents,” which he affirmed add up to around 25 million.

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“They want to continue stealing, they want to return to their privileges, they want to continue keeping the majority of Mexicans marginalized and forgotten, impoverishing them,” he asserted.

The president maintained that the demonstration was “good for the country” because “it helps a lot” that there are two different national projects.

“As a strategy, they use the lie that they want to affect democracy in Mexico, when they are essentially anti-democratic. Most of the leaders are pure electoral raccoons ”, he concluded.

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