‘M3GAN’ was a success even before it was released in theaters, since His dance went viral on social networks like TikTok and its popularity caused the studio to lower the gore level for a more age-friendly rating that would appeal to a more adolescent audience in theaters.

    This caused The Devil Doll Megan Murders Occur Off-Screen, or that the vocabulary of artificial intelligence become more “family friendly”. For many, this was a disappointment. But don’t worry the uncensored version has already been released in the US and it will reach everyone in the DVD and Bluray edition of the horror film.

    We still don’t know when and where ‘M3GAN’ will be released on streaming platforms in Spain. There is a question as to whether it will be released on HBO as in Latin America or if it will be part of the catalog of the new SkyShowtime platform. But what we can confirm, before it arrives, are the differences between the two versions of the film.


    Differences in the uncensored version of ‘M3GAN’

    — SPOILERS —

    If you’re expecting a drastically different movie, you’re going to be disappointed. The movie is the same one you could see on the big screen, only with more blood and more swearing. Even so, the changes generate a differential impact.

    In films not recommended for children under 13 you are allowed once or twice the word “fuck”. In the new version you will have a good handful more. Most come from the mouth of Ronny Chieng , who plays Gemma’s boss, David. He was an insufferable jerk in the stage version, and the added swear words work to make him even more of a jerk.

    But if you wonder if M3GAN herself drops the odd swear word, the answer is yes, although it does not reach the level of Chucky, an expert in the field. The unrated version changes a scene of M3GAN telling Allison Williams’ character that “I’ll rip your head off your neck” to “I’ll rip your fucking head off your neck”. A more than necessary clarification, on the other hand.

    m3gan doll


    As for the deaths, there are three scenes in which the blood gushes out, finally, happily. In M3GAN’s confrontation with the thug in the woods we get a few bloody seconds of nothing, and when the doll murders Gemma’s neighbor we briefly see how the chunks of meat from his cheek are torn to pieces.

    But the biggest difference comes with the death of David, the director of the Funki toy company. After the much-vaunted little dance, the doll chases David as he unsuccessfully tries to reach the elevator. M3GAN impales David with the blade of a paper-cutting guillotine, dripping blood onto his assistant, Kurt, who was inside the elevator. In the original film, moreover, Kurt’s death is only intuited, while here we clearly see how M3GAN slits his throat.

    In summary, the changes are small but noticeable. The movie is the same, but the tone and the deaths make M3GAN even scarier. The sequel announced for 2025, ‘M3GAN 2.0’Surely it will keep the classification of not recommended for children under 13 years of age to try to repeat the box office results, but if they make a bloody version for platforms and the domestic market again, it would be something to be appreciated…

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