Army acknowledges that it shot civilians after hearing a 'rumble'

The Mexican Army acknowledged that elements fired at civilians in Nuevo Laredo after hearing a “rumble”, leaving five people dead.

However, in its first public position on the issue, the Ministry of National Defense did not report having seized weapons at the location.

In a statement, Sedena says that the events were recorded at 4:50 in the morning this Sunday.

According to the official version, elements that were conducting patrols in Nuevo Laredo heard “shots from firearms,” ​​so they approached the area.

Sedena affirms that the military visualized a truck, which tried to escape upon noticing its presence. According to this version, the private vehicle collided and the elements opened fire after hearing a “rumble.”

This is how Sedena described the encounter with the vehicle:

“(The soldiers) visualized a pick-up type vehicle with seven individuals on board, who were moving at excessive speed with the lights off and without license plates, whose members, upon observing the presence of the troops, accelerated speed in an untimely and evasive manner. , stopping its march when it later collided with a parked vehicle.

From this situation, upon hearing a noise, the military personnel activated their firearms.

The Army says it is collaborating with the investigation already carried out by the Attorney General’s Office and the National Human Rights Commission, in addition to the military Prosecutor’s Office.

Serious human rights violations

Raymundo Ramos, president of the Human Rights Committee of Nuevo Laredo, denounced on Sunday afternoon the extrajudicial execution of five young men at the hands of elements of the Mexican Army.

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In interview in Aristegui liveaffirmed that Sedena operates with impunity, even in situations where there is excessive use of force.

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