Chamber outlines failing to comply with the sentence that requires the appointment of a woman as head of the INE

The Chamber of Deputies outlines an agreement to declare the impossibility of complying with the sentence that orders the appointment of a president counselor of the National Electoral Institute (INE).

The president of the Political Coordination Board, Ignacio Mier, said that the process is already underway with a modification to the call, so changing the process again “puts the Chamber in a bind.”

He said that the sentence came when the registration process had already closed, with more than a thousand interested people, some with the interest of seeking the presidency of the INE.

He argued that changing the process at this stage could affect the “acquired rights” of the registered candidates.

Mier said that the plenary will resolve the issue in a vote scheduled for Thursday.

The morenista criticized that the Electoral Tribunal issued a sentence without reviewing the aspects that had to be fulfilled.

He argued that the sentence forces them to change the process, but at the same time not to intervene in the review made by the Technical Evaluation Committee.

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