Lorenzo Córdova calls the electoral reform "insane"

The President Counselor of the National Electoral Institute (INE), Lorenzo Cordova, He pointed out that the electoral reform promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “is insane.”

At an event of the “American Society of Mexico”, Córdova Vianello exposed the operation of electoral body particularly about the 300 constituencies distributed in all federal entities.

He said those districts, also known as district boards, They are made up of five career civil servants: orn executive member, a secretary member, the organization member, the vocal of training, and finally, the vowel of the record.

Well, what does the reform do? He says that in the district bodies there will be only one career official. An operational member, everything that these five officials do, simultaneously, will be done by a single person. And to save money, it is said, in metropolitan areas, where districts operate permanently, there will be a single operational manager for all areas.

The President of the INE gave an example of “more dramatic” that the electoral body would go through: in the metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City, in the State of Mexico, which goes from Huixquilucan to Valle de Chalco, there are 28 electoral districts. There are 75 citizen service modules that are supervised today by 28 members of the registry.

Well, what does the reform say? That outside of elections there will be a single official, one, who can have an assistant, says the new law, to operate all these districts, to provide services to 16 million people who live in the metropolitan area. It’s a crazy reform.

Lorenzo Córdova trusted that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation it will be an anchor of political stability that can and should save the democratic order and constitutional of the country, but also that Mexican society is willing to defend the democratic rules of access to power.

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Before Larry Rubin, president of the “American Society of Mexico”, businessmen from Mexico and the United StatesLorenzo Córdova mentioned that for this reason the INE has presented and will present more constitutional controversies against the so-called “Plan B”.

We are resorting to the Supreme Court and what will come will be a legal battle in which the country’s highest court becomes the last guarantor of democracy and the Constitution in the country and, therefore, is called upon to fulfill that function.

The role of the five career officials in the electoral districts, in the voice of Córdova

The executive vowel he is the general director, he coordinates the work of the district board; the vocal secretary It is the legal and administrative director at the same time, it is the notary who attests to what happens in each district, it is the Public Ministry that substantiates the investigations of the complaints that are presented to the INE, including those of gender political violence and, furthermore, he is responsible for all the minutes and the legal order, let’s say, of the legal decisions that are made in the district.

And on the other hand, he is responsible for the administration, the person responsible for conducting the tenders, the acquisitions to be able to supply all the necessary inputs when elections are made to those responsible for it.

The organizing member He is responsible for logistics, he is the one who travels the district, the one who locates the transfer routes, the one who identifies the places where the polling stations are going to be installed, the voting tables, the one who talks with the owners of the houses or the directors of the schools where they are going to be installed, the one who provides all the necessary inputs for the booth to operate, tarps when necessary, tables, chairs, etc.

It is also responsible for operating the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP): on election night in the district, it is responsible for that extremely delicate logistical operation that is collect the electoral packages and take them to our warehouses on the night of the electionsomething that has to be done very delicately because that can imply the nullity of an election if it is done badly and it is responsible for counting the votes in the district, the legal count.

training vowel He is responsible for hiring the field personnel, training them, the one who operates the election, the one to inseminate, therefore, draw lots for the citizens from where the polling station officials will leave.

AND the vowel of the record, the person in charge of supervising the modules that operate in the district, an average of three, we have 900 modules throughout the country. He is responsible for mapping, seeing how the population moves and being able to update the data to geo-reference all citizens. He is responsible for printing the lists of voters that are going to be delivered to the polling station officials, in each polling station, there can be no mistake, they are installed in the country and he is responsible for debugging the electoral roll to which I have already referenced.

According to the exhibition, López Obrador’s “Plan B” seeks that all these responsibilities fall on a single official.

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