Now PAN asks to investigate links between Morena and Mario Delgado with organized crime

The national leader of the National Action Party (PAN), Marko Cortés, announced that the National Electoral Institute (INE) was asked to investigate Morena and Mario Delgado for the alleged financing of their campaigns and political acts by organized crime.

“We filed a complaint to investigate the financing of organized crime for the Morena and Mario Delgado campaigns, as well as for the diversion of public resources for this political institute and candidates.”

This is in response to the complaint that Morena filed to demand that the PAN’s registration be withdrawn, “for having become a criminal organization.”

Through a statement, the PAN pointed out that its representative, Víctor Hugo Sondón Saavedra, presented the accusation against Morena and its National President, Mario Martin Delgado Carrillo, to request an exhaustive investigation from the INE for possible financing of campaigns by organized crime. of Morena.

In particular, they ask to investigate Mario Delgado for possible diversion of public resources in favor of his political organization.

“As is already known, the links of the national leader of Morena with the so-called ‘King of Huachicol’ Sergio Carmona have been previously documented, who was accused of paying for Mr. Delgado’s campaign, and it is even known that he traveled on at least two occasions in a plane with the current governor of Tamaulipas.”

The PAN says that there are public elements that indicate that members of the crime have supported Morena, both in money and by intimidating opponents.

“Already in April 2022, Acción Nacional filed a complaint with the FEDE (Specialized Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes) for various cases of alleged links between the official party and various organized crime characters. Today we demand that those in charge of said prosecutor’s office promptly attend to the complaint and not file it in order to hide the links denounced there.

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Sondón Saavedra said that the complaint presented by his party is based on concrete facts and specific violations of the law are reported.

“Because of the foregoing, we express our request to the INE and the Prosecutor’s Office to attend to our request for an investigation and to punish those responsible for the alleged arrangement of said party with organized crime, which in fact has benefited the government party.”

What is serious, he stressed, is that National Action denounces acts carried out by public servants who currently hold public office, which further aggravates their responsibility since it gives the signal that these positions are today a reward for illegal ties.

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