They boo Ana Gabriel for 'defending the INE' |  Video

The start of the tour ‘For the love of you’ Ana Gabriel it was a bit awkward.

Last weekend, the Mexican singer announced his retirement from the stage after five decades of career, news that turned out to be quite a surprise for his fans. The strangest moment, however, occurred when his comments were met with a wave of whistles and jeers.

From the stage of the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, California, the interpreter of ‘Quién como tú’ decided to share with her audience her point of view on the situation with the National Electoral Institute (INE) in Mexico. She position that she was not well received by those present.

“I defend Mexico whether they like it or not…Put Siri in your house and you won’t hear me talk anymore“, the singer reacted to the whistles of the fans.

And he added: “I never take this attitude, I take it when they are like this… when I am talking about the defense of our nations, which need total freedom. I’m not a politician, I’m a singer, but a singer who understands the pain of every nationThat is why I have not returned to Venezuela, I have not been able to go to Cuba, Nicaragua, that is why I come to the United States because here together with many nationalities.

The videos of the awkward moment were shared on social networks by some of the attendees. In these, the desperate singer is observed before the reaction of the public.

Ana Gabriel could not continue expressing her position, as the attendees asked her to stop talking and start singing.

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In social networks, the attendees of the concert assured that the interpreter continued acting without stopping looking at the floor or the ceiling, avoiding any interaction with the public.

After the concert, through her social networks, the singer returned to the subject and reiterated that her position was based on her perception as a human being. She assured that as an artist, he assumed his responsibility but did not tolerate disrespect.

“I also apologize to the public who went to have a good time and who know that the Artist is going to fulfill them and fill their souls with love, I want to tell them that right now I don’t feel good as a human being and much less as an Artist“, wrote.

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