Prosecutor's Office is already investigating sexual and physical assault against Pedro Infante's granddaughter

The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX) reported that it has already initiated an investigation folder for the complaint it filed the singer Heidy Infante on March 4, when he appeared on stage together with his musical group to celebrate one more anniversary of Mercado Escuadrón 201.

The capital’s Prosecutor’s Office added that the complaint filed by Pedro Infante’s granddaughter is to investigate the physical and sexual assaults suffered by the musician of Cuban origin, Yian Lopez Semanat.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s Office hired the victim to extend her interview and provide more information, as well as to provide her with multidisciplinary assistance.

According to the complaint, the singer was at a public show in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office when she was the victim of physical and sexual assaults by a man, which led to a confrontation with blows.

The granddaughter of the famous actor and singer from the golden age of Mexican cinema, Pedro Infantewas violated by a musician of Cuban origin identified as Yian Lopez Semanat.

The violent act was captured on video by spectators gathered in the Market Squad 201 of the mayor’s office iztapalapawhile she sang accompanied by the group ‘La Nueva Sonora’.

Photo: Facebook Heidy Infante

Videos circulating on social networks show how Lopez Semanat got on stage and approached the singer without her consent. When she rejected him and pushed him away from her, the man touched her between her legs, unleashing the woman’s anger, who hit and pushed.

Man, who exceeds in stature and body mass Heidy Infantehit her and pulled her hair, which caused musicians and spectators to intervene to defend the singer.

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“I want to thank all the people, friends, fans, acquaintances for their support, people who simply know that I was assaulted in a low way by this subject called Yian Lopez Semanat”, denounced the singer through her Facebook account.

Infante also revealed that, even though they had witnessed the physical and sexual assaultthe policemen who were guarding the concert released López Semanat.

“My question is why? How long are we women going to allow this type of violence? ”, She questioned.

Photo: Facebook Heidy Infante

In his publication, he acknowledged that being a singer or leader of a band It is very difficult. “No one knows that every time we go on stage we expose ourselves, but I don’t know what happened,” she said.

“Believe me, in my life I had never had an experience like this. Speechless and you feel alone. But I have you… women, I need you!”

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