8M: Former deputy sells pro-life shirts and against feminism

The former local deputy Congress of Nuevo León, Carlos Leallaunched the online store Fachos, which sells T-shirts against the feminism and the abortion and in favor of patriarchy, along with a campaign within the framework of the International Women’s Daydate on which the violence than gender.

Their products read phrases such as “I am pro life”, “Long live the patriarchy”, “God, country and family” and “#NoALaIdeologíaDeGénero”. The store offers t-shirts, accessories and mugs with these messages.

Likewise, it offered discounts on the occasion of International Women’s Day, accompanying its publications with messages such as “Feminine Yes, Feminist No” and “the defense of life, family and fundamental freedoms”.

These were disapproved by Internet users through social networks. While some pointed out that they were against human rights, others were ironic about the content. Among them was the morenista Antonio Attolini Murra, who spoke out against it through his account.

“Imbecile people who wear a clothing brand called “fascist” with messages alluding to oppression and the denial of rights are something worthy of pride,” he wrote on Twitter.

In contrast, messages in favor of the brand also emerged, announcing that they would acquire the products.

According to its website, the store defines itself as an online store that offers clothing and accessories designed “with themes that reflect our values ​​and beliefs about life, family, and fundamental freedoms.”

In addition, it describes its messages as “positive and meaningful”, while stating that its mission is “to connect people through fashion and create a community united by common values ​​and beliefs”.

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This March 8 marks International Women’s Day, for which reason various organizations, citizens and collectives have called for various mobilizations in various entities of the Mexican Republic to protest against the gender violence and demand equal conditions.

Mexico reaches this date in the midst of a wave of sexist violence, with more than 10 women murdered a dayin addition to a historical record of almost 30 thousand missing.


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