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    Is there anyone who dares to question Keanu Reeves’ abilities to defeat enemies? (Cinematographically speaking, of course). The answer is a resounding NO. So much so that some German scientists have decided to use its name to name an effective bacterium capable of destroying fungi that cross its path.

    These lipopeptides kill so efficiently, we’ve named them after Keanu Reeves. He is also extremely lethal in his roles,shared Sebastian Gotzeone of the researchers at the Leibniz Institute for the Research of Natural Products and Biological Infection in Germany.

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    The newly named “keanumicins” combat fungal diseases of plants and pathogenic fungi for humans. Besides, are harmless to plants and humans. In this way, they could be a natural remedy that could replace more aggressive pesticides or chemical products for organisms, according to the researchers’ statement, through ACS Publications.

    This information has not gone unnoticed by the actor. In fact, in a recent chat with users of Reddit, one of the participants asked him about his opinions and feelings towards the recent “baptism”. To this, the actor joked:

    They should have called it ‘John Wick’… But it’s very cool and surreal. Thank you very much, science people! Good luck and thanks for helping us.

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    The actor is preparing to release the fourth film in his action saga, ‘John Wick’, at the end of this month. In her, We will see him resume his famous role, which has already sparked madness among those attending the first screenings prior to the premiere.

    After discovering this new keanu-bacteria with the ability to defeat fungus, one may have to consider the possibility of a future crossover with ‘The Last Of Us’… How epic would it be if Keanu Reeves was (indirectly) responsible for exterminating the fungus of the series?

    You don’t need to answer. The answer is obvious.

    ‘John Wick 4’ hits theaters on March 24, 2023. The rest of the ‘John Wick’ movies are available at streaming on HBO Max.

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