AMLO spoke with Musk about a possible battery plant in Sonora and Hidalgo

The executive director of Tesla, Elon Muskunveiled on Tuesday that the next generation of small cars the company is working on would run primarily in autonomous mode, a concept similar to a promise it made in 2020.

Musk maintained that there is a clear path to deliver a car whose It will cost half as much to manufacture as Tesla’s Model 3 sedan.but did not offer details on timeframes or models.

At the 2020 event, Musk said he was “sure” that Tesla would build a cool little electric car of 25 thousand dollars totally autonomous in a period of about three years.

On March 1, Musk announced the installation of a Tesla Gigafactory in Mexico, near Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Musk held up a chart of Tesla’s future electric fleet projection. The slide showed the electric vehicle maker’s existing models, including the truck Semias part of a projected market of 440 million vehicles.

It also showed the cyber truck and a future model covered as part of a 300 million vehicle market. Another smaller model was presented as part of the mass market in its projection: 700 million vehicles.

The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, Tesla could start the first production of electric cars in Mexico next yearafter receiving the final permits for the construction of the factory.

(With information from Reuters and Aristegui News)

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