'The Mandalorians'


* If you haven’t seen Chapter 18 of ‘The Mandalorian’‘The Mines of Mandalore’, read no further!

While in our galaxy we still cannot place concretely at what point in the time line of ‘Star Wars’ we are with ‘The Mandalorian’, in that very distant we delve into the legends of Mandalore.

Dave Filoni, trying to clarify the confusion generated by Jon Favreau, creator of the aforementioned galactic series, regarding the exact time that has passed since we started this adventure with Din and Grogu; He has assured that he does not believe that we are still in the year 10 after the Battle of Yavin.

‘The Mandalorian’ starts by setting itself in 9 BBY (After the Battle of Yavin/ after the Battle of Yavin, a point considered as the year 0 of ‘Star Wars’), which is 5 years after ‘Return of the Jedi’so we would still have a significant margin within that 30-year range that separates us from ‘The Force Awakens’, according to Lucasfilm’s Creative Director.

Total that this review of the stories of Mandalore is inaugurated very little time after that training of Baby Yoda with Luke and subsequent reunion with Papá Din, something key to take into account from the point of view of the development of Grogu as a Jedi. It becomes clear in the second episode of the third season of ‘The Mandalorian’, that although Favreau gets into gardens giving statements, the course of the plot is as well spun as ever, with the little guy doing what he can to use the Force, but not going crazy. It makes sense that Grogu would not be able to help Din on his own if one thinks that between the first two seasons of this television fiction and ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ we have not traveled a whole year. Hence the young Padawan endeavors to use his connection to the mystical energy field with moderate success.

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What seems to be taking off much better is his Mandalorian background, which is reinforced through two scenes, one in each episode of this season, in which Din reiterates how important it is for a Mandalorian to be able to locate himself in the galaxy. All tied up and well tied up. Grogu and the Force is one of the highlights of ‘The Mandalorian’ 3×02-‘The Mines of Mandalore’, which in regards to this character also seduces with his evolution as a baby. There are no words as such yet, but the cooing is becoming more consistent which has caused Filoni to have to pronounce on it.

  'The Mandalorians'

The also director of some episodes of the series, has assured in statements to Entertainment Tonightwhich supposes that the species of Grogu begins to speak “pretty soon”. “We don’t know if he is already doing it but in his own way”, he says, leaving it up in the air if we will get to see the little guy speak using words as such. In this regard, fans theorize about what their language would be like, thinking about the peculiar way of expressing himself that Yoda wore. Since speech is a skill related to learning, it would be strange if Grogu started talking backwards after her dad had been talking “normal” to him. In addition, Yaddle, also of the same species, did not share Yoda’s characteristic way of using language..

In any case, at least for now, Grogu manages. In fact, he hunts chestnuts so well that when he’s unable to free Mando himself, he runs to Bo Katan (Katee Sackhoff), a claimant to the Mandalorian throne, who comes to the rescue. marking a brutal scene. While Din, who has not been able to connect with the Dark Saber and continues to suffer just by wielding it, the way Bo Katan wields it is quite a sight.

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Using each of the resources of a Mandalorian warrior, jetpack and shield included, Said character shines showing all his potential and an excellent synchronization with the weapon that becomes so heavy in the hands of Command. His “communion of him” with the Darksaber points to a need for a revision of Mandalorian lore, something that is clearly yet to come.

  'The Mandalorians'

A new era for Mandalore

With Favreau writing the script and Rachel Morrison (‘American Crime Story’ and ‘The Morning Show’) directing, 3×02 of ‘The Mandalorian’ does not beat around the bush and is committed to immersing us directly in the living waters of Mandalore. In a tremendous plot leap, what could seem like a central mission for the season is resolved in the second episode with Mando culminating his journey thanks to the help of Bo Katan, who shows him the depths of his planet where those mines are located. essential for the redemption of Din. Mando dives in and here comes the surprise: a creature that was believed to have disappeared long before the cataclysm of Mandalore, appears alive, kicking and ready to drown our hero..

Mandalorian legends/songs/tales claimed that the mythosaurscreatures of enormous dimensions that in ancient times populated the outer edge of the galaxy, they had perished at the hands of Mandalore the Great and his contemporaries, but oh surprise, it turns out not so much. In the magical waters cited by the Armory as the only remedy for the transgression of Command, it turns out that one of these supposedly extinct creatures is hiding. whose skull inspired one of the most recognizable symbols of Mandalorian culture. The mere appearance of him is already an impact, but if one remembers the words of the Armorer, what transcends is that a certain prophecy could be fulfilled.

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As certain Mandalorian songs predict the mythosaur will rise to herald a new era of Mandalore, so that the reconstruction of the planet and the future of its people would be about to begin to materialize. It remains to be seen if this iconic creature for the Mandalorians is enough to unite those factions that are still tremendously at odds.


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