Young woman throws herself onto the CU Metro tracks and escapes unharmed

A 21-year-old girl in an apparent drunken state he threw himself onto the subway tracks at the Universidad station on Line 3, also known as Metro CU, but was unharmed thanks to the quick reaction of the bank police officers who guard the station.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City reported that the events occurred on Tuesday afternoon in the University terminal of Line 3 of the Metro Collective Transportation System (STC), located in the Coyoacán mayor’s office.

According to the report, the agents of the Banking and Industrial Police of the SSC were carrying out their security tours on the platforms of the Universidad station when were alerted by users that a young woman had thrown herself in front of the train.

Immediately, the officers requested the power cut to the Metro personnel, preventing the convoy from running over the 21-year-old girl.

Later, with the certainty that there was no electric current, the policemen descended on the tracksthey entered into a dialogue with the user and requested the support of the Metro Industrial Security personnel for its rapid removal.

Once off the tracks, it was possible to make an assessment of the affected person, to whom was diagnosed with possible depression and an evident ingestion of alcoholic beverages.

The agents continued to talk with the 21-year-old girl for a few minutes and while a relative was located, she was offered recommendations and alternatives to receive psychological treatment.

Finally, a woman who identified herself as mother of the affectedfor which he was allowed to speak with the affected woman and retire with her.

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The young woman’s mother thanked the bank police for their support and their prompt reaction to safeguard her daughter’s integrity.

Therefore, the SSC reiterated that it has trained personnel to provide assistance in crisis situations or that put the physical integrity of people at risk, inviting citizens not to hesitate to ask for support from the police or the nearest official to avoid possible suicides.

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