They murdered Colombians in Tecamachalco, Puebla

In the San Nicolás neighborhood, Tecamachalco municipality, Puebla, five people were attacked by armed men, including four presumably of Colombian origin.

Three men and a woman died in the place -one of them was Mexican-, later another woman lost her life when she was being treated at the Tecamachalco General Hospital.

The event occurred this Wednesday and according to witnesses, the people killed were engaged in usury.

Regarding the event, the Secretary of the Government of Puebla, Julio Huerta Gómez, told local media that the federation will intervene to investigate the matter, while security strategies are established locally in the municipality of Tecamachalco.

“We must make a timely report on what is happening there, in relation to the state of force that exists in terms of State Police, Municipal Police, National Guard, Sedena and based on that, and the indicators that the measurements see in the commission of crimes, we are going to take measures, because it is important and of great importance to do something for Tecamachalco ”.

E public prosecutor, Gilberto Higuera Bernal confirmed the attack and said that one of the lines of investigation is related to the loan scheme of an organization known as “Drop by drop”related to people of Colombian origin coma conformed in different demarcations.

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