Michoacán Prosecutor Warns Terrorist Acts in Morelia Bars

The Michoacán State Attorney General’s Office (FGR) warned the Republic’s Attorney General’s Office (FGR) of the existence of terrorist acts in Morelia, specifically in bars that have been the target of attacks for a few weeks.

“(…) upon noticing the existence of various elements or assumptions, which make up the crime of terrorism, conduct contemplated and punished in the Federal Penal Code, the Public Ministry will make a breakdown to the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR)”.

Despite this statement, through a statement he stressed that the damage caused over the weekend in three bars in that city have not been reported by the owners or people in charge of the damaged establishments.

However, the Prosecutor’s Office said that it initiated an investigation folder and urgent actions to attend to the degree of violence presented in these sites.

“(The Prosecutor’s Office) undertook the respective urgent actions, such as inspections in the affected places, with the intervention of experts in fires and explosives, as well as experts specialized in the disciplines of criminalistics, architecture, video, chemistry and lophoscopy, among others; in addition to requests for information to state and municipal authorities.

Due to this, the FGE Michoacán launched a call to the owners or managers of the affected bars to help with the investigations and file their corresponding complaint to clarify the facts.

In order to provide security to the people who attend these places in Morelia, the local Prosecutor’s Office said that it will collaborate with municipal authorities to carry out supervision and surveillance actions.

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Over the weekend, armed and hooded people shot and set fire to 3 bars in Morelia where prior to these acts, the perpetrators asked people to leave the establishments identified as Vertical, Mint, and Luv.


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