Salvadorans want Bukele to seek re-election in 2024

Almost seven out of 10 Salvadorans are in favor of President Nayib Bukele seeks re-election in the presidential elections of February 2024, despite constitutional prohibitions, according to a survey released Tuesday by a local newspaper.

The study conducted by The printing pressin which they interviewed 1,500 people between February 15 and 24, points out that a 68.3% of those consulted have a favorable opinion of re-election, compared to 13.1% who spoke against it.

Bukele announced in September last year his intentions to seek immediate re-election in next year’s elections, despite the fact that several articles of the Salvadoran Magna Carta prohibit it.

However, the controversial and popular ruler was empowered to seek to extend his mandate, which began in mid-2019, thanks to the fact that in 2021 the magistrates of the country’s highest court -appointed by pro-government deputies- enabled re-election in a controversial ruling which was questioned by the United States.

Photo: Reuters

“Salvadorans remain divided on whether or not the country’s Constitution allows the immediate re-election of the President of the Republic,” he said. The printing press, one of the most important newspapers in El Salvador.

“There are citizens, however, who are convinced that the Constitution does not allow immediate re-electionbut even so they will vote for Nayib Bukele”, he added.

With his 92% support, according to a recent CID Gallup poll, Bukele is the best-approved Latin American president. Part of that popularity is due to the fact that has managed to drastically reduce violence and insecurity that reigned in the country hand in hand with the gangs. However, his tactics have been criticized by human rights defenders.

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