Fallon Jokes Trump Would Know How to Handle SVB Crash: 'Need a President With Experience of Multiple Bankruptcies' (Video)

Jimmy Fallon is pretty certain that, come 2024, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump will have three rivals standing in front of him for reelection—and only one of them is a fellow candidate.

Trump stopped in Iowa on Monday to give a speech that ended up being nearly two hours long, which Fallon also couldn’t resist poking fun at. “Only Trump can make the Oscars feel like a TikTok,” he joked. But, on his way to Iowa, Trump admitted that Florida governor Ron DeSantis is “probably” his biggest challenger for the GOP presidential nomination.

Of course, he immediately added that “we’re not going to have much of a challenge.” But Fallon thinks there was one other addendum to that.

“Trump said his only other rivals are the Justice Department and high cholesterol,” he said.

Indeed, the former president remains under several investigations, though not all of them are specifically from the Justice Department.

Most recently, Trump was invited to testify before a Manhattan grand jury as part of the investigation into his role in the $130,000 of hush money that was paid to Stormy Daniels, reportedly to keep her quiet about having an affair with Trump. As expected, Trump declined to appear in court.

The invitation to appear at all does seem to indicate that an indictment of Trump may be imminent, which would make him the first former American president to be indicted.

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.

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