The perpetrator of the aggression against the saxophonist will remain in prison

The magistrate of the Superior Court of Justice of Oaxaca (TSJO) Arturo Lázaro León de la Vega, ruled that Rubén “N”, alleged material aggressor of the saxophonist María Elena Ríos —survivor of attempted femicide by assault with acid— will remain in prison , where it has been since 2019.

Rubén “N” along with his father Ponciano “N” —who died in 2021 while in prison— were hired to spray the young saxophonist with acid, by Juan Antonio Vera Carrizal and his son Juan Antonio Vera Hernández, the latter He remains a fugitive from justice.

The material aggressor had requested preventive detention at home, like Juan Antonio Vera Carrizal, mastermind of the attack against María Elena, but the possibility was denied.

Through a video, María Elena celebrated this resolution and congratulated magistrate León de la Vega for acting legally and sharing the disagreement of the admission of amparo, issued by federal judge, Ponciano Velasco Velasco.

Hours before the resolution, the 29-year-old girl insisted on how painful it is for her to hear, again, how five people agreed to kill her; She also said that she remembered the pain of her mother seeing her burned, seeing how she burned, and the memory of her father’s impression of seeing her in that state.

Yesterday, magistrate María de los Ángeles Verónica Hernández Loranca ruled that Juan Antonio Vera Carrizal, the assailant of María Elena Ríos, survivor of an attempted femicide, will continue his legal process in the Tanivet prison, Oaxaca, where he is being held in pretrial detention since 2020.

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