HRW welcomes Putin's arrest warrant

Human Rights Watch (HRW) applauded the decision of the International Criminal Court (CPI) to order the arrest against the president of Russia, Vladimir Putinas he described the action as “”the first step to end the impunityabout the crimes committed by Russia in the occupied areas of Ukraine.

“The arrest warrants of the ICC are a wake-up call to those who commit abuses or cover them up, so they know that their day may come before the courtsregardless of their rank or position,” said the director of International Justice of HRWBalkees Jarrah.

Today, the ICC issued arrest warrants for the president of russiaVladimir Putin, and the Presidential Commissioner for the Rights of the Child in RussiaMaria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova, for her involvement in war crimes against Ukraine.

On March 13, HRW published the report We must provide a family, not rebuild orphanageswhich “documents the consequences of the war of Russia against Ukraine in 2022 for the children and staff who had been evacuated from institutions in areas of eastern Ukraine to a dozen institutions in the Lvivska region and three institutions in Łódź, Poland.”

“There must be a international effort arranged to identify and return to the children who were deported to Russia, and Ukraine and its allies must ensure that all children who were or remain institutionalized are identified and supported to live with their families and in communitiesurged Bill Van Esveld, HRW’s deputy director for children’s rights.

According to data from ukrainian governmentreported by HRW, 100 institutions that housed more than 32 thousand girls and boys before the armed conflict are located in regions under russian occupation partial or total. “International standards prohibit the international adoption during the armed conflicts“, indicated HRW through the report.

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“The return of children who were illegally abducted by Russian forces must be a international priorityand Ukraine and its allies can and must ensure that all children in Ukraine enjoy their right to live in families, not in institutions”, urged the director of children’s rights.

Also, the report yesterday from the UN International Independent Commission of Inquiry into Ukraine, revealed that the Russian authorities have committed a wide range of human rights violationswhich “equivalent to war crimes and include deliberate killings, attacks on civilians, unlawful confinement, torture, rape, and transfers and deportations forced of boys and girls”.

The Commission recommended that the research about violations and crimes, so that the responsible be accountable nationally and internationally, stressing the need for a criminal liability focused on the victims’ right to truth, reparation and non-repetition.

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