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          ‘Shazam! The Fury of the Gods’ features an appearance by one of the great characters of the DCEU. If you don’t want to know who it is (and you’ve been lucky enough to dodge all the news on Twitter), stop reading this and go to the theaters to see the movie that’s already in theaters. Warned or warned you are that there is a big spoiler in this article.

          In the film directed by David F. Sandberg, the star who makes her last appearance in the DCEU (at least it seems so) is nothing more and nothing less than Wonder Woman, or what is the same as we have known: the actress Gal Gadot. Admittedly, a strange way to end her journey in the franchise. The actress makes an appearance at the end of the sequel after several frequent jokes throughout the plot.

          let’s not forget that This movie comes a few months after ‘Wonder Woman 3’ was discarded in the changes at DC. James Gunn and Peter Safran have taken over DC Studios, and Wonder Woman’s future remains a huge question mark.

          In ‘Shazam! The Fury of the Gods’ depicts the infatuation of Billy Batson (Asher Angel and Zachary Levi) for Wonder Woman, and the tape culminates with the appearance of the heroine herself. Summoned by a letter Billy sent earlier, Wonder Woman appears in the realm of the gods to revive the magic found within the Staff of the Gods; As the only deity left in the world, she is the only one who can do this. Although she does not help during the final battle, Diana Prince provides her heroic moment in the finale.

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          But that’s not the only appearance of the heroine… The first scene of the Wonder Woman sequel repeats the Superman joke from the first film. Before her cameo, the superheroine makes a partial appearance at the beginning of the film. Billy has a dream in which he has a date with Gadot’s character in Paris. Disgruntled at one point in the evening, Wonder Woman prepares to leave. However, her face is never shown, and the camera only offers glimpses of her body and the back of her head. Even as she turns around, we find that her face is replaced with that of the wizard played by Djimon Hounsou.

          ‘Shazam!’ It concluded with what was apparently Henry Cavill’s Superman arriving for lunch with Billy and Freddy Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer) at his high school. However, much to the public’s frustration, the face of the so-called Man of Steel was never shown. By doing the same trick with Wonder Woman, it seems that David F. Sandberg wants to repeat the grace of the previous film. But not. There is more

          shazam 2019 movie final scene

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          The resurrection (and the sit-in)

          While Wonder Woman would make the perfect ally for the movie’s big battle, her role in the story is much less. Let’s remember that after the big final moment, Billy dies in his climactic confrontation with Kalypso (Lucy Liu), and cannot be revived due to the staff having lost its power. His family even goes so far as to bury him, which makes his eventual resurrection a bit more complicated. When they are all around his grave, a familiar voice sounds: Wonder Woman (and the famous chords that we already heard in the first movie in 2017).

          To the bewilderment of the family, Gadot’s character brings Billy back by plunging the cane into the ground and restoring his powers. After making sure he’s alive and well, our newly resurrected superhero tries his best to date her, but she turns him down and heads off on her next adventure.

          In part it makes sense that Wonder Woman does not take center stage in any more battles (this is the story of another superhero) and only counts on her as a deus ex machina from ‘The Fury of the Gods’. In this way it’s a fun cameo with a character who has been endeared to the public and who raises some bigger questions.

          Is ‘Shazam 2’ Gal Gadot’s Last DC Movie?

          One of those questions is whether Gadot will appear in future DC movies. With ‘Wonder Woman 3’ already cancelled, and Gunn looking to reinvent the DC Universe, it’s fair to wonder if Gadot has truly reached the end of her run as Wonder Woman. Gunn announced the next DC projects, and among them is ‘Paradise Lost’, a story of the Amazons of Themyscira before Diana Prince was born.

          Gunn put to rest rumors that Gadot was fired from DC and confirmed that he and Safran met with the actress. In fact, Gunn went on to confirm that Wonder Woman will be a factor in the DC Universe, though it remains to be seen if Gadot will play her.. There have been reports that DC is still interested in making another Wonder Woman movie with Gadot, but it’s unclear where she might fit within the upcoming DCU slate. And it seems that according to some reports, Gadot’s cameo in ‘Flash’ was cut.

          'wonder woman 1984'

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          Hopefully, ‘The Fury of the Gods’ will not be Gadot’s last appearance in DC. The 2017 solo film of hers had rave reviews and strong box office results, and was a landmark moment for female representation in the superhero sphere. Wonder Woman deserves a much better send-off, and Gunn’s refusal to confirm Gadot’s departure from the franchise sends the message that there might be more to her in the future.

          However, for now, Gadot has no confirmed appearances in the DC Universe. ANDAmong his projects is the new version of Snow White with Disneyscheduled to hit theaters next year. In it, she will be the stepmother of Snow White, played by Rachel Zegler. Coincidentally, the young actress also appears in the sequel to ‘Shazam!’.

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