Kalimba cries in concert;  'God gives his battles to his best warriors'

Kalimba Marichal cried during an OV7 concert in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States, referring to the recent accusations against him of sexual abuse and harassment.

His audience reacted with a wave of applause and joking, the singer said: “God gives his battles to his best warriors”.

He also thanked the support received in recent days and pointed out that small actions can destroy people.

“Love a lot, love a lot, suddenly we are so full of hate and resentment and revenge, that we are capable of destroying lives, destroying societies, destroying people with things that may be very small for us; amen, let us not become judges of anyone, We are not on one side or the other,” he said.

On March 15, the singer Melissa Galindo denounced Kalimba for sexual abuse and harassment.

In the video of just over 24 minutes, she explained that in 2020, the singer touched her without her consent and verbally assaulted her.

Galindo explained that Kalimba contacted her three years ago to add her to his new label.

“I already knew him and he had behaved very well with me“, explained the singer.

Shortly after, he invited her to be the opening act at a concert he gave in Monterrey. After the concert, she went to dinner with the rest of the team and artists who participated in the show. She explained that Kalimba was already drunk and “I wanted to continue the party”but she refused and asked to be taken to the hotel.

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On the return to the hotel, he explained that the singer sat next to him and sexually assaulted her.

“I went into shock, closed myself off and said nothing because it was possible that it was unintentional and it was not even the case to make a mess with his people because I am unprotected,” said Melissa Galindo.

Kalimba was charged 13 years ago of an alleged rapefor which he was imprisoned for a few days.


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