Samaritan Day: Tradition where the flavor of Oaxaca is shared

Oaxaca, Oax.- Chilacayote, horchata, lemon, tuna, taberna and even the famous tejate were the traditional drinks that were given away in the streets and public spaces of the capital of Oaxaca and its regions, to celebrate the “Day of the Samaritan”.

Businesses, public buildings and inhabitants set up their stalls early, decorated with natural flowers and paper decorations to offer drinks to people in solidarity as dictated by the biblical landscape where Jesus asks a woman from Samaria for water at Jacob’s well. .

The Archbishop of Antequera, Pedro Vásquez Villalobos, blessed these traditions that took place in front of the Temple of the Precious Blood of Christ.

“It is giving water to the thirsty as they did to Christ,” explains Romanita López, a traditional cook who on this day offered chilacayote water in clay pots.

On foot, by bicycle or by car, people arrived no matter how far from their homes.

Tradition suspended due to the pandemic

And it is that this tradition was absent the first two years of pandemicand although last year some positions were placed, this 2023, there are hundreds located in the capital of Oaxaca.

The women who give away waters wear their traditional attire as pride of identity that is combined with water, ice cream and typical sweets that are made in the entity.

For several years and to prevent the proliferation of inorganic waste, people carry their glasses and there they are served the traditional water, as well as almond and banana leaves are used to give away the typical sweets.

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