What is the Quinta del Bosque, the center where they took Norma Lizbeth's aggressor?

Norma Lizbeth Ramos, 14 years old, died from a head traumaconsequence of a beating he received from a schoolmate.

On March 17, the State of Mexico Prosecutor’s Office (FGJEM) confirmed that the minor was arrested at an address located in the Santa María Cozotlán neighborhood of the municipality of Teotihuacán.

Through a statement, he explained that the aggressor was made available to the Control Judge inside the Internment Center for Adolescents “Quinta del Bosque”, where he will remain until his legal situation is resolved.

Arrest of Norma Lizbeth’s attacker

What is the “Quinta del Bosque” Detention Center for Adolescents?

According to the Edomex Government Security Secretariat, the “Quinta del Bosque” detention center is the unit in charge of complying with and executing the measures related to the deprivation or restriction of liberty of adolescents and young adults.

Said persons are pointed out or accused of the commission of an act designated as a crime.

This site has the purpose of procuring the full reintegration and social and family reintegration of adolescents, in accordance with the National Law of the Comprehensive Criminal Justice System for Adolescents.

What is the reintegration of adolescents?

Since 2016, the decree that issued the National Law of the Comprehensive Criminal Justice System for Adolescents empowered each order of government to procure and administer justice for adolescents, in charge of court institutions and specialized authorities in the procurement and administration of justice for adolescents.

In this sense, the Undersecretariat for Penitentiary Control, through the Directorate of Social Reintegration and Treatment for Adolescents, the “Quinta del Bosque” Detention Center for Adolescents and the Regional Youth Preceptories for Social Reintegration providespecialized technical assistance to adolescents and young adults subject to custodial measures and not to liberty, with the purpose of incorporating them into their socio-familiar environment and prevent criminal recidivism.

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Who enters the “Quinta del Bosque”?

Only the adolescents and/or young adults by a judicial order in which it is ordered that they must remain in the same.

In the place they will provide fair and humane treatment to adolescents or young adults, where the Secretary of Security guarantees that there will be no discrimination motivated by ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disabilities, social status, health conditions, religion, opinions, sexual preferences, marital status or any other that violates human dignity and has as its purpose of annulling or impairing the rights and freedoms of individuals.

During compliance with the measure imposed on adolescents and/or young adults, they are integrated into an Individualized Plan of Activities, which is designed according to their needs, in order to organize times and spaces, in this Plan educational, sports, cultural, environmental protection, physical and mental health, job training activities are established.

Photo via Edomex Security

The “Quinta del Bosque” is located in the municipality of Zinacantepec, State of Mexico.

What does the “Quinta del Bosque” guarantee?

Adequate spaces and conditions that allow an orderly and harmonious coexistence, for the execution of the various programs aimed at adolescents or young adults who are hospitalized, providing dignified, respectful, fair and humane treatment.

In the place, there is a space dedicated to men and another to women.


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