Sydney Pollack’s cinema does not have that coveted stamp of an easily identifiable author. We are not talking about a work that requires an individual frame to be recognized or one of those very special auras that the great filmmakers of all time have to transmit a very particular emotion with the minimum elements. However, this does not mean, far from it, that we are dealing with a lesser director, quite the opposite: Sydney Pollack is a true giant who left us a good number of magisterial works.

The American director, producer and actor has been dancing his entire career between different genres, without ever losing elegance and maintaining that flavor of classic cinema that (some of us) miss so much today. Always surrounded by five-star casts, with a special weakness for the great Robert Redford, Pollack always remained faithful to his ideas, ways and philosophy of understanding the art of storytelling.both particular and universal.

Without stridency, with calm times and austere forms, betting on neatness over excesses and dedicating to each story the time it deserves, Pollack managed on many occasions to sign truly memorable films. And here we have ten brilliant examples.


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