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Hugh Grant starred in one of the most heated debates at the Oscars due to his questionable behavior during an awkward interview on the champagne carpet prior to the ceremony. After provoking reactions for and against due to his acid and cutting attitude with the presenter, Ashley Graham, the famous British actor is still current, since he will soon be back on the big screen with ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ , a new adaptation of the iconic role-playing game in which he plays Forge Fitzwilliam.

Now, another clash starring the actor comes to light, although this time it is he himself who recognizes it. During an interview with Total Film (via Comic Book) on the occasion of the premiere of the fantasy and adventure film, Grant has acknowledged that he had a “terrible” moment on the first day of shooting, losing his temper with a woman on set..

“I lost my temper with a woman who crossed my gaze on the first day,” admits the actor, who says he has “made a Christian Bale”, in reference to the famous row by the actor from ‘The Dark Knight’ on set from ‘Terminator Salvation’. “I figured she was a studio executive who should be more careful,” he continues. “And it turns out that she was an extremely nice local woman who was escorting a young girl.” Upon being made aware of the mistake, Grant says that he had to “drag” a lot.

Drew Barrymore defends him

Over the years, Grant has built a bit of a reputation for his behavior in interviews and other industry settings. In addition to the aforementioned viral video of the Oscars, the presenter and comedian Jon Stewart has pointed it out as one of the worst guests he has ever had on his show, after witnessing a row from the actor to one of his producers.

Despite everything, the interpreter of ‘Four weddings and a funeral’ He has many defenders, including Drew Barrymore, who has broken a spear in his favor on his show‘The Drew Barrymore Show’, thus explaining what happened at the Oscars:

“If you know Hugh, that’s his way of loving you. People say he’s a curmudgeon and she seems confused. And I don’t think so, that’s Hugh Grant. You think you’re going to talk to a charming movie star and what you find is a grumpy Hugh. And then you fall for grumpy Hugh. I assure you that I was totally joking. It doesn’t mean anything negative. The person Ashley Graham met on that rug is the real Hugh.”

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