Mexico is not a colony of the United States: AMLO

From a crowded Zócalo, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that Mexico is a free and independent country and not a colony or protectorate of the United States.

“From this Zócalo, the political and cultural heart of Mexico, we remind those hypocritical and irresponsible politicians that Mexico is an independent and free country, not a colony or protectorate of the United States.”

They may threaten us with committing any outrage, but we will never, ever allow them to violate our sovereignty and trample on the dignity of our homeland.

The foregoing after in recent days, two American Republicans suggested that the Army of that country intervene to fight against drug cartels.

López Obrador recalled that We are no longer in the times of Felipe Calderón or Genaro García LunaIn addition to the fact that in the current administration there are no shady links between the Mexican government and US agencies.

“My friends, I cannot fail to mention that in recent days some United States legislators, accustomed to seeing the speck in the other’s eye and not the beam in their own, in a propaganda plan, we would say here in colloquial language, with a grid , and for electoral and political purposes, they maintained that if we did not stop the trafficking of fentanyl to the northern border, they were going to propose to the Congress of their country that they occupy North American soldiers in our territory”.

Continuity Assured

López Obrador asked the public to trust that the project of the Fourth Transformation will continue in the country with any of the “corcholatas” that is elected for the 2024 presidential elections.

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“Any of the applicants who is successful in the survey to choose the candidate of our movement will apply the same policy in favor of the people and the nation. Continuity with change is assured. there is nothing to fear“.

We will not accept the imposition of a minority at the expense of the majority

The head of the Executive reaffirmed to his sympathizers that during his government it will not be accepted that a minority prevails at the expense of the impoverishment of the majority.

No zigzagging, let us remain anchored in our principles, let us reaffirm the decision and the direction we have taken since the government began, not to half measures, we will never accept that a minority prevails in Mexico at the expense of the impoverishment of the majority.

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