'The end of the love novel', the new book Vivian Gornick (Editorial advance)

vivian gornick (1935) has spent years developing a formidable dialogue between literature and life. The American writer harbors the conviction that reading is a way of self knowledgeand that reading with the right eye can help us understand how we came to be who we are and why the times we live in are the way they are.

In The end of the love affair (Sixth Floor), Gornick addresses one of his favorite subjects, romantic love symbolized by marriage, and analyzes it as one of the key themes in 20th century literature. On a journey through the life and work of some of the authors he most admires as Willa Cather, Virginia Woolf, GracePaley, Richard FordRaymond Carver or Jane Smiley, the author defends that our world has changed and that love and marriage have ceased to be, in our time, metaphors that adequately represent happiness and personal fulfillment.


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